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You can join the Sparkplug ecosystem in many different ways. The goal of this page is to explain you how.

Maintain and evolve the Sparkplug specification

Read the Sparkplug specification

The lastest published version of the specification is available here.

If you are interested in the cutting edge, you can have a look at the GitHub repository for the specification. Anyone can propose changes to the specification by submitting pull requests.

Join the Sparkplug specification project

You can become a contributor to the project by submitting a pull request. The process is explained on the home page for the repository.

If you make a number of contributions over time, the project team may invite you to join them and become a committer on the project. It is not necessary for your organization to be a member of the Eclipse Foundation or the Sparkplug working group in order for you to become a committer.

Download an open source Sparkplug implementation

Eclipse Tahu is an open source commercial grade and production quality implementation of the Sparkplug specification. It is developed in sync with the specification itself.

Join the Sparkplug Working Group

The Sparkplug working group is a group of like-minded companies and organizations that are driving the creation and stewardship of the Sparkplug specification and strengthening awareness and adoption through an open branding and compatibility program.

Please have a look at our membership prospectus to learn about the benefits of a Sparkplug membership.

The working group offers a mailing list and Slack workspace where members and non-members can exchange and collaborate.

Sparkplug Working Group Mailing List

You can join the mailing list by following this link. Please note a free Eclipse Foundation account is required to subscribe.

Sparkplug Slack Workspace

Click this link to join the working group’s Slack workspace. Many key Sparkplug contributors can be found there on a regular basis.

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