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Sparkplug Version 3.0

Sparkplug 3.0 represents the first version of the specification managed under the Eclipse Foundation specification process. It represents a proper formalization of the specification over the v2.2 release. The goals were to clarify ambiguities in the v2.2 version and add explicit normative statements where needed without adding new features that would break existing devices and applications.


Compatible Implementations used for ratification

Compatible Implementations



The Specification Committee Ballot concluded successfully on October 21, 2022 with the following results.

Todd AnslingerChevron+1
Justin BrzozoskiParticipant Members-
Travis CoxInductive Automation+1
Anja Helmbrecht-SchaarHiveMQ-
Wes JohnsonWes Johnson+1
Bryce NakataniOpto22+1
Joshua WolfCanary Labs+1

*Votes were not received in time from HiveMQ and the participant member representative.

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